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No tunes today, just bible study.

The text under discussion is John 6:30-59. Check it out!


First Peter, oh ya!

I've really been getting into this epistle of late, and have been finding great import to my own life. We get to listen to some great worship music as well. It makes me heart smile!

Tom "I love Yeshua" Bionic


We start our apologetics course with the first point "The truth about reality is knowable"
this is the first of three points under this section called "Truth".


In this new series Tom is going to cover a course in classical apologetics ofr those interested. At this point it looks like it will take 23 sessions, in total.

This is the intro course, where we lat out the classical apologetic structure. THat is:

The Twelve Point Apologetic Argument*

1*The Truth about Reality is Knowable*




2*Opposites Cannot Both be True*

First Principles


3*The Theistic God Exists*


God alleged disproofs of

God objections to proofs of

4*Miracles Are Possible*


5*Miracles Are Used To Affirm The Message Or Messenger From God*

Miracles, apologetic value of

Miracles alleged disproofs of

6*The New Testament Documents Are Historically Reliable*

New Testament Historicity

New Testament dating

New Testament manuscript evidence

Mythology and the New Testament

7*In The New Testament Jesus Claimed To Be God*

Christ Diety of

8*Jesus Claim To Be God Was Proven By A Unique Convergence Of Miracles*

Miracles in the bible

9*Jesus Is God In Human Flesh*

10*Whatever Jesus Affirms To Be True Is True*

God, Nature of

11*Jesus Affirmed the Bible*

Bible Jesus view of

Bible evidence for

12*Therefore, The Bible Is True And Everything Opposed To It Is False.*

World religions and Christianity

Pluralism, Religious


I'mmm baaacckk!

Hey folks back form the christmas/schoolwork/overwork hiatus.

We're going to look at Jesus, getting in the boat in john 6 17 and onward. We're going to then listen to some Bill Frizzell on the front and back end as well.


We take a break from John this week and begin studying the book of Acts. We talk about the historicity of the book, as well as the actual contents. Ralph Stanley, king of mountainy sounds, begins and ends the set. Gives me chill bumps just thinkin about it!

Tom "Under the Weather" Bionic


Welcome MTBS fans!

This week we take a look at John 6. We get into some info about the Galillee/Tiberias area, and its unclean roots. We also begin Jesus miracle of walking on water, coming to His disciples in that manner.

We get to listen to an all to appropriately named fiddle tune for this one, called "Make a Little Boat".

Good times will be had be all. Be blessed!

Tom ">>>><<< Bionic


Welcome back bible fans. This week we're going to finish of John chapter 5. We get to look at some interesting insights of Jesus, as well as some interesting proofs of his messiahship, and whole bunch of other stuff. Its a fun time, come hang out!
Chris Tomlin busts out a tune for us to begin and end the whole thing.

czech it out!

p.s. check out a new ministry Im involved with http://stopsleeparalysis.org

Best to you!

Thomas Bioynicus


his week we take a look at Jesus healing a man who was an invalid. We also investigate the mystery of verse 4, one of the more intriguing back stories in the bible. We also look a bit at Pharisical law and a few other doodads. We begin and end with one of the prettiest tunes I think I've ever heard. Also, please check out a new ministry I am involved with stopsleepparalysis.org Be Blessed. Tomicus Bionicus


In this weeks study, we try to answer the question "How does God see me, as a believer?"

This has actually been on my heart for awhile now and I thought I would add to the earlier short topical study we did a month or so ago.

This is such an important thing folks, It plugs you into another source of self worth and love and power. The world says one thing, and Jesus says another.

Also some bass music from a guy who really could have benefited from Jesus, the late Jaco Pastorius.


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